Granite Anvil 1200

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Can I pay via PayPal?

No,  payment will be done using the CCN web payment system using Visa or MasterCard.

Will GPS files be available?

Yes, GPS files will be available and updated with all the latest route changes. 

What support will be available on check-in day, August 23?

Randonneurs Ontario club members will be available at the College to help riders with mechanical support, GPS-related issues and make a couple of grocery-store runs for those without cars.

Does the Granite Anvil qualify riders for the CanAm Medal?

Yes.  Riders who already have a US 1200k under their belt for 2017 will receive their CanAm medal at the end of ride dinner on Sunday night.  Those who do their US ride later in 2017 will receive their medal immediately after that ride or by mail.

Do I need to qualify ? 

For the Granite Anvil 2017, no qualifying rides are required, per se.  Have you completed a 1200k before?  Have you completed a recent SR (200, 300, 400, 600) series?  Make sure that you know what you are getting into!  There is no such thing as an easy 1200k and the Granite Anvil is no exception.

Is there a refund policy?

After full registration, if you withdraw for any reason before March 31, $475 will be refunded; May 31, $225; after May 31, no refunds.

Will you offer it as a 1000k + 200k option for those wanting to earn the ACP's Randonneur 5000 medal?


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